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A collection of unfinished tracks you say. They sound very good for being unfinished! Really loving your sound. Keep it up. Actually loving all the songs in this collection. Super good!

DetiousMusic responds:

Thanks man! I was a little skeptical upon uploading this, for people are pretty anal about harder genres on here..Glad you liked it. :)

Great work. Beautiful piece of music.

stunkel responds:

thanks :D

Great work, really feeling this one! Keep it up!

It all sounds so simple , but yet so good. Loving the melody. Again, great work!


ShinsukeIto responds:

Hey, I appreciate you taking the time review this song :)

Thanks for the rate and review!

Great work once again! I'm still waiting for you to release something new :) I love to hear producers put a lot of work into their tracks. And this is defiantly a song with a lot of work put into it. Everything fits together so well, even that e-piano :).

Keep it up, missing your songs here on NG!

ShinsukeIto responds:

Hey, I really appreciate your review! Thanks for your kind words :)

A few new songs may be on their way to be uploaded soon...

Well Mr.Waterflame you did it again. What can i say? You are a talented artist with a lot of potential and you're really good at what you're doing. Never would i think that the first times i heard you you would reach to be one of the top artist here on newgrounds. But you are. And that's thanks to keeping great quality to your tracks.

I am aware of this being a remake, but it doesn't change anything. Still an awesome tune and your skills are amazing. Keep it up man, every track you put out is a gift from the gods.

This is good, but it could get better. I know you have put a lot of time into the melodies. And to be honest they are great. But somehow it gets kind of dragged out. it's just that it takes so long for the track to actually start. At 02.55 it sounds awesome! maybe not in class with other dnb producers, but you will get there some day! :)

Overall. Great track, i love the piano and the sub bass. It makes it relaxing.

Another thing though, the drums. They sound cool and all, but if you want real dnb feeling to it i would suggest that you look up some sample packs and start cutting from them and such. Just to get that "real" dnb feeling :)

It got that "spy feeling" to it. Great work, keep it up :) Reminds me of Splinter cell or as you wrote, metal gear .

NGXmusical responds:


This is a great happy tune. What i would like to change is that you should maybe remove or at least improve the vocal placement and quality. And try to mix the leads so they don't scream as loud as they do. Another thing is, it's kinda repetitive. Not to complain but i would love to hear more variation from you. The melodies are great.
Some VST's i would like to recommend though are: Zeta+ , Sylenth1 , synth1. Also Harmor and Harmless are good to create Synths, leads and other stuff in.

And at last, keep it up. Don't let the stars i gave you fool you. This is NOT bad , but it could get much better! :)

Great song dude, check out my 8bit music as well :) i would love if you did.
Btw i found out about this song when i was watching a video by JelyToe (Who commented on this track below).

This is amazing music and i want to hear more!

5/5 10/10 100/100

ShinsukeIto responds:

Thanks for the review and 5 stars!

I'll definitely check your songs out as well :)

Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin.

That's the original song, for those who don't know. Even if this is mostly ARPS and Sequenses , and a beat from deadmau5, i like it.

RiverK responds:

Ah, you're awesome! Thanks for pointing that out!

I go by the name "PICE" now. I'm a 25-year old music producer. Video Game Music, Chiptune/Fakebit and Electronica are my main areas.

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