Entry #11

Time for a Update!

2014-05-18 21:59:18 by Andersson187

Hello everyone! I haven't uploaded much here on Newgrounds lately, sorry! I've been very busy with getting some albums togheter and posting my stuff at my Bandcamp page and my Soundcloud channel. But i haven't forgot about Newgrounds just yet! 

So, this year has been amazing so far. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback and a lot of work done. This year will be even better though! I have a BIG album in the works and since it's so BIG it takes me a lot of time to get it done. This "BIG" album is gonna be all Super Nintendo inspired. The idea is to make a album in the style of a SNES RPG soundtrack but instead of it belonging to a game, it's all original tracks from me. It's gonna be awesome!

So far i've released 3 Albums this year. One of them is a collection album though so i'm not sure if i should count that one. I released a album named "Horizon EP" and it's my first album that isn't all chiptune/fakebit based, you should check it out! 

As always my music is free. But if you feel like paying for my music, any sum at all, it's greatly appreciated! I'm not asking for money though, but it really helps me out so that i can get better equipment for my music production, which will result in better quality tracks! 
If you pay, thanks!
If you download and/or Share my music, thanks! It all means very much to me!

As always you can contact me at: pice8bit@live.com
Or via sending me a message here at Newgrounds, or over at my Soundcloud! Links are below!

Stay tuned for a awesome year!







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2014-05-19 07:44:30

Good luck and success ^ ^)


2014-05-19 07:54:01

I can say that you're doing fine you're cool 8-bit music you do )