Chiptune, Fakebit and more Chiptune!

2013-11-14 20:09:08 by Andersson187

I'm working on another album at the moment. It's called "Space Trips"! It's a Space Themed album and it's going to have it's release somewhere around New Years Eve. I do not have any specific date planned yet since the album still is a work in progress. But once it gets released it's gonna be awesome!

In the meantime, check out my other albums. Pure happiness and a bunch of catchy tunes that will make your day brighter!
They are free, but you can support me by paying whatever you want for them, every penny is appreciated!

My Bandcamp!

I will update once the album is nearing it's finishing point. But for now, enjoy my other tracks, and check out my soundcloud for my almost weekly uploads!

Chiptune, Fakebit and more Chiptune!


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2013-11-14 20:23:41

Just discovered your music. Awesome shit. Keep them up! :D