Where to Find me!

2013-01-20 15:43:01 by Andersson187

Hi guys! I just wanted to thank you all for being so supportive and giving me all this nice feedback since my last song "Snow in The Trees".

And i also wanted to tell you that you can also find my music on my Soundcloud page! And i ONLY post my 8bit/chiptune music on there.

Here a quick little link!


If you want to contact me about using my tracks for a video/flash or something just leave me a PM here on newgrounds or email me at: rav3f3st@live.se (Spammers will be blocked and flagged as spam).

If you are wondering what plugins or software i use i could just tell you right away.

I use FL Studio 10 and i use the following plug-ins!
- Magical8bitplug VST
- Plogue Chipsounds VST
- Chip32 VST
- ymVST
- TB Toad
- TB Peach

And there you go! All are free except for "Plogue Chipsounds" :)

Again, thanks!


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