Work Work!

2012-12-13 13:22:40 by Andersson187

So i have a lot going on now with school and work i do. Not much time for music! But i try :) I will get something really awesome up before Christmas (or at least i hope so). If not, be patient!
I got some great ideas but I'm not 100% sure of how i should make my ideas come to life. All the work and everything is school just takes the energy out of me. But hey, it's almost Christmas and then i won't have to go to school for at least 3 weeks!


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2012-12-13 14:41:57

You can do it! Do u think ur music can be featured in my flashes...?

Andersson187 responds:

Sure it can :) just leave credit to me and it will be all good!


2013-01-19 19:28:34

fantastic tunes man : D
I really enjoyed them!

Andersson187 responds:

Glad you like them! I spend much more time on the ones i'm working on right now. But i want 100% awesomeness in my tunes!